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Two Denig Memorial Bricks Available

In the original concept of the memorial to our founder, Brig. Gen. Robert L. Denig Sr. at  the National Museum of the Marine Corps, the plot we purchased allowed for 78 surrounding bricks which could be engraved.  We recently discovered that two bricks were used as “fill” and are blank.  CCHQ received requests following the dedication to purchase bricks but, at the time they were unavailable. 

If you are interested in purchasing one of the two remaining bricks, please contact CCHQ by email or phone.  The price is $300.  You are allowed three lines of 20 characters each.  Remember, spaces and periods count as a character.  You may dedicate a brick to yourself, loved one, friend, chapter, etc.  This is a lasting legacy to your service as a Marine in our occupational field.  A portion of the brick cost will go to the scholarship fund of the USMCCCA.


Roger Combs in hospice care

L-R: Charles Rowe, Bob Springer, Roger Combs, Mark Thiffault

L-R: Charles Rowe, Bob Springer, Roger Combs, Mark Thiffault Taken in 2008 at Camp Pendleton

From: The Tribal Elder
Many of us know and have served with Roger Combs.  He was for many years a mainstay of the San Diego Chapter.  Until recent years he was actively involved and we could always count on a DPA sponsorship in the name of the San Diego Chapter from he and Bob Springer.  We received the following email, written by Roger, to Bob and others this morning:   An MRI scan a week ago shows cells now in the brain. Fast-moving little buggers! So include the lungs, spleen, and liver in only a few weeks, the prognosis is not so good.

    Put myself on Hospice care two days ago after consultation with doctors, family and friends. They will take care of everything for comfort without any attempt at cures; no pain.

    I’m on oxygen 24/7 and have lost my voice so can’t talk on phones. Seing double and flashing lights some of the time. Family takes turns coming by each day and Sue has been here for 3 weeks, cooking, cleaning and driving. We’re covered all ways.

    Reduced pill intake by half and added a couple of new ones, just in case. Spend a lot of time sleeping in my recliner day and night, but feel OK otherwise.

    — Roger



THERE WERE LAUGHS “a plenty” at DINFOS’ 50th Anniversary Dining Out. School Commandant Army Col. Jeremy Martin, one of our Association’s most loyal and prolific friends, is shown sharing in the hijinks with wife Ava and Guest of Honor Joe Galloway with wife Gracie. Of Martin’s time at the Defense Information School helm, CC executive director Jack Paxton reports that “Jeremy has been, by far, the most CC-active commandant in decades. He flat-out loves his Marines.” (Sgt. Phillip A. Elgie photo)


Reinhild “Jacki” Huneycutt and LtCol Ricardo Player, guest of honor and speaker at the Regiment of Retired Marines 239th Marine Corps Birthday Ball, Camp Lejeune, Nov. 8, 2014.


CC PAT GIBBONS was one of several distinguished alumni to share experiences with current DINFOS students during the schoolhouse’s 50th year. The former PAO to the Commandant of the Marine Corps, Pat is a former DINFOS Detachment Commander and currently directs communication for the Applied Physics lab at Johns Hopkins University. (Rick Corral photo)


STALWART CC SUPPORTER Joe Galloway, the famed war correspondent, was Guest of Honor at DINFOS’ 50th Anniversary Dining Out Oct. 25 at Club Meade, Maryland. (Sgt. Phillip A. Elgie photo)


CCs Gunnery Sgt. Scott Dunn and Capt. Greg Wolf were secret weapons on the DINFOS Army 10-Miler Team for this year’s traditional preamble to the Marine Corps Marathon (Senior Chief Katt Whittenberger photo)


Looking for Marine staffers at FEN Okinawa

LaDonna Aiken, former Marine combat correspondent and TJ Award Winner, is looking for former Marine staffers at FEN Okinawa for interviews and historical artifacts to help complete her master’s thesis in communication.

Your stories, anecdotes, archival airchecks, news clippings and memorabilia would be a vital part of preserving the history of FEN Okinawa, as well as military broadcasting.  Please contact her at to contribute!


SVA Announces First National Art Competition for Student Veterans

WASHINGTON, D.C. - SVA is pleased to announce the launch of its first national art competition, ‘Student Veterans of America Present: Warpaint

The goal of this competition is to recognize and encourage artistic talent in veterans who highlight the experience of their generations. Early entries will be considered for display at SVA’s National Convention January 8-11th, while the top 40 works will be unveiled at the National Veterans Center in Washington, DC on March 27th.

“I believe that all across the country, student veteran artists are creating moving legacies of service” said SVA’s CEO D. Wayne Robinson. “With Warpaint, we want to make sure that their talents are recognized.”

Student veterans are encouraged to submit an original piece of art online for a chance to win the grand prize of $1,500 and an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC for the March unveiling, or two runner-up prizes of $500.

The competition will be judged by Terminal Lance creator Maxwell Uriarte and renowned military artists James Dietz and Michael D. Fay.

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Mark the date for 2015 USMCCCA Conference

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The 2015 USMCCA Conference will be at New Bern, N.C., Sunday, Aug. 16-20, 2015. More details to come.


Birthday Message to Marines

In this 2013 photo, U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr., commander of International Security Assistance Force addresses Romanian troops prior to their redeployment.

10 November 2014

In his birthday greeting 70 years ago, General Alexander Vandegrift, our 18th Commandant,
noted that, “A birthday is a fitting time to peer backward – and forward.” That year, Marines reflected on an extraordinary year in combat during their amphibious drive across the Pacific. Despite the challenges and the horrific conditions, Marines prevailed at Guam, Saipan, and Peleliu. On 10 November 1944, Marines looked back with pride on their accomplishments – confident in their ability to meet future challenges.

In 2004, 20,000 Marines deployed to Al Anbar Province, Iraq – many Marines celebrated the birthday in places like Fallujah, Ramadi, and Al Qaim while decisively engaged in combat. That year, Marines also responded to crisis in the Pacific following a tsunami which claimed the lives of more than 200,000 people. On 10 November 2004, Marines looked back with pride on their accomplishments – confident in their ability to meet future challenges.

As we celebrate our 239th birthday, Marines are in combat in Afghanistan. Since we last gathered to celebrate our Corps’ birthday, we also responded to crises in the Philippines, South Sudan, Libya, and Iraq.

Some things change. This year found us in different climes and places than our predecessors in 1944 and 2004. We have adapted our organization, training, and equipment to the ever-changing operating environment. Some things remain the same. Marines attacked this year’s challenges with the same courage, commitment, loyalty, self-sacrifice, and adaptability as their predecessors in Peleliu and Fallujah. For that reason, on 10 November 2014, we Marines can look back with pride on our accomplishments – confident in our ability to meet future challenges.

Thanks for who you are and what you do. Happy Birthday, Marines.

Semper Fidelis,

J. F. Dunford, Jr.
General, U.S. Marine Corps
Commandant of the Marine Corps


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3rd Quarter Newsletter

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