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Memorial for Bob Long set

Bob Long

Bob Long

Update: A Memorial to be held at Arlington National Cemetery, Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 11 am.

A journalist, filmmaker, broadcasting executive and Combat Correspondent in the Marine Corps, Bob had a fascinating career developing motion picture scripts and serving in news rooms on the east and west coasts. He served as KNBC Vice President and News Director from 2003 to 2009 when he retired and accepted the teaching post in Istanbul. He had previously served at NBC as Vice President for News and Operations at the network’s owned station in Washington, DC (1999 to 2003). His prior television news experience included news gathering, production and management jobs at the CBS owned station in Los Angeles (1968-1975), UPN Television in Los Angeles (1991-1994), Disney Television in Los Angeles (1994-1997) and a first tour at the NBC Los Angeles flagship as managing editor before going to Washington as Vice President for News.

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Happy 241st Marines! OORAH!


Chuck Beveridge, former USMCCCA art director dies

Chuck Beveridge at Iwo Jima. (Courtesy of Hoover Public Library)

Chuck Beveridge at Iwo Jima. (Courtesy of Hoover Public Library)

Update:  Charles W. “Chuck” Beveridge(1925 – 2016)
Charles W. “Chuck” Beveridge, retired creative director and artist and recipient of the Purple Heart after being wounded on Iwo Jima in World War II, died Wednesday. He was 90.

Beveridge joined the Marines at 17 with permission from his parents and fought in some of the Pacific Theater’s most significant battles from January 1944 through October of 1945. He fought with the Fourth Marine Division on Roi Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima, where he watched the flag raised on Mount Suribachi from a hospital ship after being wounded.

He recovered from the wound he received during the amphibious landing and rejoined the battle for Iwo Jima. Beveridge, who never graduated high school, began his highly successful career as an artist at Leatherneck magazine, where he worked two stints, 1946-1948 and then 1952-1955.

A talented artist with a brilliant creative mind, he worked for many advertising agencies around the country and founded his own studios in New Orleans and Florida. He retired from Birmingham Magazine and continued to work freelance well into his 80s.

He was a member of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church in Hoover. He is survived by his loving wife Mary, three daughters, Harriett (Coby) Bethke, of Silver Springs, MD; Judi (Paul) Sherman, Lewis, DE; Linda (Daniel) Bailey, Birmingham, AL, nine grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

Family requests that donations be made to the Howlin’ Mad Smith Detachment of the Marine Corps League, 1515 Bent River Circle, Birmingham., AL 35216. Donations also can be made at the funeral home.

The funeral will be 11 a.m. Wednesday at Ridout’s Valley Chapel in Homewood with visitation at 10 a.m. The family invites friends, after the service, for a reception at Valley Chapel’s Edgewood Parlor.

Funeral Home
Ridout’s Valley Chapel
1800 Oxmoor Road Homewood, AL 35209
(205) 879-3401
Published in The Birmingham News on Nov. 6, 2016

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Commandant of the Marine Corps Names Dickey Chapelle “Honorary Marine”

Dickey Chapelle to receive Honorary Marine status.

Dickey Chapelle to receive Honorary Marine status.

CCHQ was notified October 4 that the Commandant of the Marine Corps has approved Dickey Chapelle for Honorary Marine status. As most know, Dickey was killed November 4, 1965 while with “her Marines” on Operation Black Ferret near Chu Lai in Vietnam. At our request, retired BGen. Tom Draude, a former Director of Information, initiated the formal request to HQMC. In his letter, written in June 2015, he pointed out the following:

For the record, Ms. Chapelle was killed November 4, 1965 by fragments of a booby-trapped mortar shell while covering Marine action during Operation Black Ferret with the 7th Marine Regiment near ChuLai, Republic of Vietnam. Following her death, Lt. Gen. Lewis Walt and other officials from the III MAF honored her by placing a plaque near the spot where she was killed. As a matter of information, this plaque no longer exists in that area. She was returned to the United States accompanied by an honor guard of six Marines, proof of the regard in which she was held by all.
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Summary of 2016 USMCCCA Annual Business Meeting

Jack Paxton, Executive Director gives his report to the 2016 old board members during the 2016 National Conference and Training Symposium in Fredericksburg, Virg.

Jack Paxton, Executive Director gives his report to the 2015 old board members during the 2016 National Conference and Training Symposium in Fredericksburg, Virg.

(Note:  The following is an executive summary of the USMCCCA Annual Business Meeting held in Fredericksburg, VA during our National Conference and Training Symposium.  It carries all actions taken by the Old and Foundation Board Meetings.  For copies of those, please contact the Executive Director at

2016 Annual Business Meeting
August 26, 2016

President Manny Pacheco called the 2016 USMCCCA Annual Business Meeting to order at 8:26 a.m. A quorum was present.


Secretary:  Secretary Chris Whiting was asked to read the minutes.  Bob Mergle made a motion to accept the minutes as published in the Now Hear This newsletter.  Seconded and passed. Treasurer:  In the absence of Treasurer Rick Lavers, Executive Director Jack Paxton told the members that the Association has $69,604.82 in three CDs and the checking account.  He said we are in good shape.

Executive Director:  Paxton started his report, saying that the conference was a success.  He said we had 58 registered for the banquet, and we actually fed 91.  He said we made Paxton expressed appreciation for Dave and Diane Biesel for the new history book.  He asked people to read it and give him any changes by November 1.  The book will be published in January.  Paxton told the members that the Now Hear This quarterly newsletter is no more.  He said he had been complaining that it was worthless because he had been pulling old news back off the web site to put in it.  He said we will now place our emphasis on the web site and our Facebook page.  He added that those who cannot access news via computer can get a hard copy, upon request. He said that Keith Oliver and Sally Pritchett were the first to pledge their contributions to the Foundation, spreading out payments over the year.  Paxton said it is an easy way to give and you can set it up through your bank.  He said four or five oral histories were done during the conference.  He will ask the History Division for copies.

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A tribute to the “Patagonian duck shoot”

Sergeant Major Robert E. Cleary, 10th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps and Sgt. Gary Bégin, JPAO, New Orleans, May 1984. (Photo by Staff Sgt Angel Arroyo)

Sergeant Major Robert E. Cleary, 10th Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps and Sgt. Gary Bégin, JPAO, New Orleans, May 1984. (Photo by Staff Sgt Angel Arroyo)

There I was with Colonel Jack Lewis, former Hollywood stunt man, Marine Corps veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He was friends with John Wayne, Robert Stack (The Untouchables) and Ed McMahon (Johnny’s sidekick), founder of Gun World, Horse & Horseman and Bow & Arrow magazines. He was a large man who chain-smoked Sherman’s Cigarillos and demanded everyone around him get off their butts and accomplish the mission. He had no time for slackers, although if you ever got in trouble he always had your back. Colonel Jack admits to raising a fair amount of heck back in the day at his mansion in San Clemente (California) not far from Nixon’s Western White House.

Jack sometimes referred to “my professional drinking days” when he told stories of his heroic exploits in those Hollywood hills and as a Marine on R&R. He loved to tell the story of being hired to drive a motorcycle off a pier when stationed in Hawaii for the movie Mister Roberts. “My CO made me donate my entire pay of $100 to the Navy Relief Society,” mused Jack, puffing away and about to light his next Cigarillo with the last vestiges of the one he was still smoking.

His first novel was Tell It To The Marines (1966) and even though he was a millionaire, drove an old beat up El Camino. He bought us a case of beer after a fellow sergeant changed the oil for him. He once rented an entire house in 29 Palms (California) complete with huge swimming pool so his public affairs unit (that was me and 10 other guys) could get evenings out of the 120 degree Mojave Desert heat. We also needed a photo lab and so we rigged up a hallway in the house so we could “soup” film, make prints of “hometown heroes” and mail them out to newspapers across the nation for the glorification of their young Marine so far away.

Twentynine Palms, just east of Joshua Tree, is one of the largest live-fire training bases in the world and few Americans ever heard of it. Attack jets would drop live ordinance (real bombs) on the Chocolate Mountains as grunts climbed the vegetation-less steep collection of loose dirt and rocks towards the summit. Before the assault, machine gun, mortar, artillery and tank rounds pounded the hills. The only thing missing was Naval bombardment. We were too far inland for any of that. Back to Jack.

You could surmise by the titles of his magazines that Jack loved hunting. He went on big game safaris in Africa and duck shoots in Patagonia (South America). In short, back in the day Jack Lewis was considered a true man’s man. Both tough and gentle, creative and by the book. So much deeper than the stereotypical jarhead officer.

One thing I learned from watching Colonel Jack in action was how a man could manage to maintain his convictions, support or attack the status quo depending on his mission requirements and still come out smelling like a rose. Because no matter what the brass thought about his abilities to cater to their vanities, he knew his men would follow him through fire and suffer great privation without complaint to accomplish the mission. Working for Jack was like working for your big brother, dad and uncle at the same time.

One will demand you do your job, another will help you do your job and the third will hand you a beer and watch you do what ya gotta do. If I could council those going into the military I would say that type of life is an anomaly and not indicative of your life to come. In the case of Jack Lewis, I think of a man of true grit with a lust for life.

“He went to Patagonia just to shoot ducks,” I used to think to myself in awe. Well why the heck not? We should all be so lucky one day.

— Gary Bégin (Former Staff Sgt. – USMC photojournalist 1978 – 1984 – and life member of the USMCCCA.) He is currently the managing editor for NCW Media in Wenatchee, Washington and can be reached at


DMA seeks Supervisory Audiovisual Production Specialist

Defense Media Activity (AFRTS), is looking for a Supervisory Audiovisual Production Specialist, GS-1071-13. The Job Opportunity Announcement (DMA-16-1774137-B), opens on Friday, August 12, 2016 and closes on Sunday, August 28, 2016. This announcement is open to all US Citizens and Status Candidates (Merit Promotion and VEOA Eligibles). For your convenience, the JOA is located at the following website:


2016 Conference Schedule



  Registration: Lobby 3                                                               0800-1200
Assn. (old) Board Meeting: Patrick Henry                       1300
Foundation Board Meeting: Patrick Henry                     1500
Welcome Reception:       Palm Room                                  1800-2000
Hospitality Suite:              Room 365                                     2015-2400

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AMVET Magazine hiring

John Hoellwarth, National Director of Communications at AMVETS National Headquarters writes: I’m looking for a CC who just got out to run my magazine and social media at AMVETS in the D.C. area. 45-50K. If you know anyone, send them my way, please. Contact him here.


DMA Job opportunities

Defense Media Activity (PRODUCTION) is looking for a Writer/Editor, (GS-1082-12). The Job Opportunity Announcement (DMA-16-1749174-B) will open 7/21/16 – 8/3/16.  You can view the announcement by clicking the following link:

Defense Media Activity (DINFOS) is looking for a Training Administrator, GS-1712-13. The Job Opportunity Announcement (DMA-16-1755729-B) opens on Wednesday, July 20, 2016, and closes on Wednesday, August 3, 2016. This announcement is open to all US Citizens and Status Candidates. For your convenience, the JOA is located at the following website:


For All DPA/VIEC Competition Winners

The USMCCCA annually gives a cash stipend, handsome plaque, certificate and a year’s free membership to the first place winners in our annual competition.  Second and honorable mention receive certificates and a year’s free membership as well.

The icing on the cake is when you show up at our annual Conference and Training Symposium Awards Banquet to collect your award – your meal is free as well!

We know your budget’s are tight but, if you can make it to Fredericksburg, VA on Thursday night, August 25 we’ll make it worth your while.  By the way, wear Blue “Alphas.”  We’d like to see you.


Congrats to Shea on winning Emmy

James “Jimmy” Shea

Former Merit award winner James Shea, who is now Defense Media Activity Air Force Production Directorate, has earned an Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences – National Capital Chesapeake Bay Chapter for SPORTS-NEWS FEATURE for his story about a World Class Cyclist for Airman Magazine.

Here is the award winning video: